Village Ringers 

Kathy Batman
Carol Bonebrake
Bonnie Fisher
Lisa French
Judi Higbee
Jean Hood

Diane Jones
Donna Kagan
Deb Krase
Margaret Lacy
Carole Makus 

Lana McKinzie
Amy Cornwall-Robinson
Cary Robinson
Sally Rowe
Dan Southworth

Emily Spann
Nina Stafford
Kathy Wolf


                          has three levels of participation and two formal seasons to the performance year.

There are performances in the spring (generally January-April) and winter (generally September-December). Each performance season lasts about 12-14 weeks. There are other practice sessions in between the "seasons" and we expect to have additional performances as we become better known.

Membership is comprised of Core Ringers (usually 15) and Swing Ringers (usually 3-5). These members pay a fee (currently $35) for each performance season of involvement. There is a Substitutes list of interested ringers, who have successfully completed a formal audition. Substitutes are drawn upon to fill in for Core and Swing Ringers, who are unable to participate in a performance season.

Once per year, all Core Ringers, Swing Ringers, Substitutes, and ringers new to the club  participate in an audition and will be given a participation designation consistent with their talent level.

Practices are held on Monday afternoons from 1 to 3 pm at Harbor Chase.

Harbor Chase is located at 1477 Huey Street, Wildwood, FL 34785.

Additional information is available on the Member Contract, the Audition Application and the Ringer Survey.